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Ishtiaq Ahmad Gondal


Pakistan as an important atomic power with significance Geo-political location is eye catching and burning issue of research not only in international affairs but academicians from all areas of social sciences have studied its society and state therefore role of NGO's has been focused for couple decades in print and electronic media. Research departments of think tanks, research centers and universities provided lot of food for thought and identification of grey areas to make our topic understandable. On line data and published reports of international and national institutions was very helpful, purposeful and productive for our study. Present century has been entitled as information age therefore regularly being conducted conferences, forums, seminars and discussions publish their proceedings to facilitate the researchers .All available information and data is impossible to get studied and probed therefore ranking and categorization was made but fresh information, data and newly published reports and books were preferred. It had been complicated process to differentiate between biased and unbiased sources because society and state in Pakistan is not easy to declare secular or religious. In this regard this study considered only credible sources.

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